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I hate how Game of Thrones reinforces rape culture.

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Anyone who doesn’t follow me on twitter just missed out my adventures in wasp killing.






hey fellow ppl who menstruate!

my gynecologist told me today that she doesn’t reccomend Always brand menstrual products, especially to people with sensitive skin, because they’ve been known to irritate the vulva. She said even if you don’t notice an irritation, it can still affect yr vaginal health/make you more prone to yeast infections etc.

please spread this so we can avoid hecking up our vulvas!

i wish i had seen this post when I was regularly getting periods because it would have saved my life.

I frequently got rashes, irritation, even sores from using always pads, but my family was too afraid to even say the “p word” for me to ever suggest that I try a different brand. (I got in trouble for secretly buying overnight pads, and was, under no circumstances, allowed to use tampons because they would take my virginity.) 

If you have sensitive skin, avoid this! However, if you can’t—put a little baby powder on your underwear and specifically on the pad every time you change it, as it, at the very least, reduces discomfort. 

All my love 

This is actually way more common than ppl think/know about. Mainstream menstrual care brands use heavily bleached cotton in their products, which are dangerous for a million reasons, but one of them is that they severely irritate sensitive skin. (And let’s be real, all skin ~down there~ is sensitive.) They can also make periods heavier and longer, increase pain from cramps, and cause uti’s and other complications. Seriously the best way to go is to enter the land of the menstrual cup. But that being said, I still use tampons, because I haven’t been brave enough to take the leap, and menstrual cups can be inconvenient if not impossible for a lot of people, so there are other options! Unbleached cotton menstrual hygiene products do exist, as well as cloth pads. Whateva works 4 u. But if something is happening with your period that you don’t like, there is most likely a solution or at least a way to relieve it, even if your doctors/parents/authorities/etc won’t acknowledge it, and you deserve to be as comfortable and safe as possible. You deserve care. Fuck anyone who tells you otherwise.

menstrual cups are also a good non-irritating alternative. they’re usually made out of medical grade silicone so you don’t need to worry about shitty stuff happening to you.

i honestly cannot recommend menstrual cups enough they are potentially the best product out there. you can leave them in for 12 hours without worrying about anything awful like toxic shock syndrome happening and they dont irritate or dry you out at all since they’re medical grade silicone. if you’re considering trying menstrual cups, i believe diva cup is the leading brand right now, although if you’re not sure the menstrual cup life is for you i can recommend softcup - it’s a disposable menstrual cup that’s ~$10 for a box of 14 cups, so if menstrual cups turn out to not be your thing you’re not stuck paying $30-40 for a reusable menstrual cup. do keep in mind though, you’ll save more money in the long run buying a reusable menstruation cup, so if they turn out to be your thing try switching to diva cup or another reusable brand as soon as possible

if menstrual cups don’t work for you (which is entirely possible - everyone is different, after all!), there are definitely more alternatives than the typical brand name pads and tampons. check out to shop for reusable cloth pads as well as sewing patterns to make your own cloth pads. also, thinx underwear is another alternative - they sell underwear with built-in pads, and they have different styles for different levels of flow. reusable sponge tampons are also a thing that exist although i personally don’t know anything about them so i cant really comment much on those

in general, no matter what kind of period products you use, try to go for reusable ones over disposable ones, as they are more environmentally friendly, use fewer irritating chemicals, and save you more money in the long run. only go for disposables if you absolutely have to.

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One of these days someone is going to write a song that goes “attractiveness is subjective, life is short, like what you want” and Tumblr is going to hate that too.


Whenever people point to Mary Shelley and say “a woman invented sci-fi you know” I just think “well, I mean, technically a woman invented the whole concept of authoring books as far as we can tell but hey who’s keeping track”

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yells about victorian boots

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aquaman that is bullshit and you know it


aquaman that is bullshit and you know it

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Canadian Photoset #16


Irish Photoset#15

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